Description section
Gali Kitchen is passionate about recreating authentic Punjabi street food, served in a traditional Thali.


Inspired by traditional Punjabi street foot, the Gali Kitchen packs each of our dishes with intense flavour, with all of the livelihood and vibrant colours of the Punjab region. Our food, culture and energetic atmosphere are all designed to recreate the hustle and bustle of the street environment, giving you a unique, authentic, Gali Kitchen experience that you’ll never forget.



Whoever you’re dining with and whatever the setting, the Gali Kitchen provides a unique, enjoyable experience. So, whether you fancy a relaxed solo lunch, or a big celebration with friends, we’re the best thing on the menu.


Traditional Punjabi street food is best served shared, which is why our carefully crafted menu includes a big portion of sharing platters. Dig in with friends and enjoy a real, authentic, cultural experience with us.

We serve our dishes on traditional Thali, with breads.


Each Gali kitchen Thali dish is bursting with authentic flavours from traditional street food kitchens in the Punjab region.


We prepare each tasty food experience using our own blend of slow roasted and freshly ground spices, meaning both our flavour and fine ingredients (which are locally sourced) are unbeatable!